Our Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

“The Young Men’s Christian Association of India seek to unite men, women, youth and children as co-workers with God to promote mutually caring, loving and humane communities.  Accordingly, the YMCA participates in God’s mission of restoring abundant life for all, with special concern for the most distressed and dehumanized in the country.

The Indian YMCA is committed to strive for a just society where oppression, exploitation and denial of life is confronted and transformed.  It believes in the sanctity of all life and preservation of all God’s creation.  It stands for renewal and reconciliation in broken communities.

(Adopted at the 29th National Convention of the National Council of YMCAs of India on January 16, 1998 at Madurai, Tamil Nadu.)



 The Indian YMCA is committed to achieve its full potential actuated by a vision of an inclusive Christian Movement, touching lives and transforming communities, building hopes and future of children, young people, women, senior citizens and families so that all may belong, contribute and thrive.

Through our  Constituents/Affiliates we will demonstrate greater visibility, impact and a shared focus, grounded in our Mission, relevant to the times and connected to our immediate  society and community, rooted firmly in the dreams and aspirations of our sovereign Indian Republic.


  • Engaging youth in leadership roles in programmes and activities for their enablement and empowerment with the aim of reaching out to 10 crore young people across India.


  • Ensuring Gender Justice through Gender Sensitivity within the Movement and creating a safe world for women by negating all that perpetuates the gender-biased traditions of our society.


  • Demonstrating through innovative approach to our activities and programmes our  commitment to addressing issues and concerns that impact society and communities imbued  in the Christ Spirit with a Secular outlook that underlies our essentially Ecumenical, Evangelical, International  and Inter-denominational character as a Christian Movement.
  • Promoting healthy living for all by engaging in health-related issues and concerns and those of disabilities.


  • Creating an image and identity of the Movement and communicating innovatively and impactfully across a wide spectrum of Indian society.


  • Emphasizing training and leadership development in the Movement by enhancing competency and ensuring quality of service delivery.


  • Strengthening the Movement by translating Mission into Action, while transforming Constituent YMCAs of The National Council of YMCAs of India.



  • Committed to upholding the integrity of creations, protecting and preserving the Earth’s fragile Ecosystem, reducing Carbon-Footprints, conserving the Biosphere and enhancing awareness on Emergent  Environmental Concerns.