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‘VISION 2020’ 

In line with Triennial Strategic Plan

Empower and Enable Youth with education and decent jobs and Training of Lay and Professionals

Towards universalization of primary education and job-oriented education for youth to enable and empower them through Skill-training, Capacity-building, Career Counseling and guiding them to enroll with agencies to enable the youth from villages, towns and cities for not merely  securing jobs and ensuring decent  and dignified living.   An innovative initiative of the National Council of YMCAs of India contemplated for High School (Hi-Y) and University (Uni-Y) students to bring about national unity and integration is the ‘Unity Club’.  Through this endeavor we aim to provide the youth with an opportunity for friendship (healthy interaction), cultural pursuit (enhancing their capacity for aesthetic appreciation) and social action (channelize their energy and talents in constructive pursuits) to create a more equitable and egalitarian society, ingraining in youth a feeling of self- awareness and respect, which would imbue them with a sense of pride and identity besides, providing an impetus to the young to pursue and grow in their full human potentialities and capabilities.  Suitable training programmes and orientations from time to time toward grooming of lay-leaders and professionals.

Ensuring Human Dignity and Human Rights

Strengthening the Ecumenical Movement, realizing the motto “that they all may be one” The NCYI recognizes and reaffirms the dignity of human person and to build a meaningful human rights movement in the Civil Society through awareness programmes on Human Rights.

To execute community based initiatives and Advocacy to promote Peace, Justice and Liberation. Through collaboration with other like -minded NGOs, schools and colleges.

Strive for Green and Pollution free India

Pollution-level in our town and cities have reached alarming proportions.  Most children suffer from respiratory diseases because of the toxic fumes from vehicles and the emission of green-house gases because of our failure to curb carbon-footprints.  Our fragile planet is threatened. So are the lives of children and senior-citizens. YMCAs pollution mitigating efforts to be highlighted and integrated with NCYI’s focused thrusts. Through workshops, seminars creating awareness, encouraging and promoting use of Green energy and Energy Efficiency through energy-audit and use of new technologies.

Strive for Hunger and Starvation-Free India and preventing and mitigating natural disasters

YMCAs should take the cue from the NCYI in formulating plans for fighting hunger among children 0-14 years.  Drawing-up innovative plans to supplement family income and enhancing the purchasing power of people through “food-for-work programmes” and enhancing the poor’s social-entitlements. NCYI will draw up creative plans in combating the menace of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in children.  An estimate recently put the loss to India’s GDP at $12 billion because of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Corrective measures through camps/programmes by YMCAs on a blue-print of the NCYI with the Focus and Goal to ensure “No children go to bed hungry”, advocating an India without beggars.  Developing skills for disaster-preparedness and disaster-mitigation in the event of both natural and man-made disasters, while having structured programmes toward their prevention.

Reinforcing “Swachh Bharat- Swasth Bharat” Campaign (Clean India - Healthy India Campaign – a Project of Prime Minister of India)

NCYI to embark on a CLEANING-DRIVE in villages, towns, mohallas, cities to instill in citizens the need for a clean environment.  Disposal of waste and defecating/urinating in public, defacing the public property, littering and spitting in public places etc. will be combated by a voluntary youth brigade curved with brooms and disinfectants, in reinforcing the Prime Minister of India’s Swachh Bharat Campaign. “HEALTH FOR ALL”  drive will make use of YMCA’s popular physical recreational expertise using gyms, swims, camps, walks, runs, physical-fitness classes to help India achieve “Swasth Bharat” status.  There will be a new motivation to achieve a “Cleaner and healthier India” and  ‘Cleaner and healthier YMCAs’.

Eradicating bonded-labour, child-labour, human-trafficking and modern-day slavery

The NCYI is committed to eradicating the scourge of modern-day slavery in collaboration with other like-minded organisations. Through both advocacy and direct action, the YMCA will contribute to the liberation of those caught in the vicious circle of bonded-labour, child–labour and human-trafficking in all its heinous forms. The YMCA will raise up a generation of young leaders who will eliminate modern-day slavery and champion the cause of the poor and oppressed.