Spectrum of Activities

Created on Wednesday, 01 October 2014 Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 February 2020 Published on Wednesday, 01 October 2014 Written by Pooja

‘Catch ‘em young’ Programmes   HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention
Juvenile Delinguency Prevention   National/Regional Youth Assembly
Capacity-Building and Empowerment   National/Regional Youth Forum
Vocational Training and Career Guidance   Youth and Tourist Hostel/Transit Guest rooms
Leadership Development   Youth and Cultural Exchange

Capacity-Building and Empowerment   National/Regional Women’s Assembly
Gender Equity   National/Regional Youth Forum
Gender Sensitization Programmes   High School YMCAs (Hi-Ys)
Girl Child   University YMCAs (Uni-Ys)
HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention   Camps and Retreats
Leadership Development   Street Children Programme
Children’s sit-and-draw and Inter-School Contests   Mahila Mandals
Entrepreneurship /Self-Help Group (SHG)/ Micro-Credit Group (MCG)


Civil-Society Building   Training of Trainers (TOT)
Community Development   Rural Regeneration
Human Right Promotion   Boys’ Home
'Keep City Clean’ Campaign   Mission Concerns and Review
Justice and Peace Concerns   Ecumenical Formations
Substance Abuse Prevention   Christian Emphasis
Citizen’s Forum   Justice and Peace Concerns
Spread of Information through Media and Publications   Free Eye-Camp
Night Schools, Anganwadis and Balwadis (Pre Schools)    


Aquatics   Kabbadi & Kho-Kho
Basketball   Shuttle-badminton
Cricket   Snooker & Billiards
Football   Volleyball
Gymnastics   Weight-lifting
Hockey   Table Tennis
Judo, Karate and Taekwondo   College/School of Physical Education


Model Parliament   Inter-faith Dialogue
HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention   Literacy Programme
Environmental Protection   Informal Education
Disaster Response and Management   Minority Issues
Interface with Christian MPs and
  Promotion of National Integration and Communal


Inter-Movement Cooperation   Global Celebrations
Experiential Interface Youth Exchange Programmes   Asia Pacific Consultations and Workshops
Staff and Lay Leaders Exchange Visits   Indian Students Hostel in London
YMCA/YWCA Week of Prayer and World
  Leadership at World Alliance and Asia and Pacific Alliance


As an expression of concern over the spread of HIV/AIDS since its first detection in Tamil Nadu in 1985 and its huge adult prevalence in the ‘90s the National Council of YMCAs of India organized a national-level Consultation in cooperation with Y Care International at YMCA Pune during May 26-29, 2003, which gave birth to the Policy Statement on HIV/AIDS. This committed the Indian YMCA Movement towards promoting ‘best practices’ besides focusing on the vulnerability of the youth among other professed goals and aims. Since 2006 the Indian YMCA Movement funded by the Y Care International through a dozen YMCAs across India proactively campaigned for HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness and main-streaming of people living with AIDS in society. In 2009 a new chapter was added with a completion of an assessment of the work from 2006-2009 and the constituting of a national-level HIV/AIDS Programme Coordination Committee.

Since 2001 YMCA New Delhi an affiliate of the National Council of YMCAs of India have been conducting the Refugee Assistance Programme (RAP) under the auspices of United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), at Vikaspuri in West Delhi, broadly providing education, health and community development support to refugees. Presently the programme covers refugees from Afghanistan, Myanmar, Somalia, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, China, Eritrea, Congo, the Ivory Coast and Ethiopia . Earlier, the National Council of YMCAs of India had been organizing this programme for many years in cooperation with UNHCR. In May this year a new centre at Lajpat Nagar II in South Delhi was inaugurated.