• WAY ExCom 2017

  • Thanksgiving Service- Closing Function of NCYI 125th Anniversary

  • Closing Function of NCYI 125th Anniversary

  • Mr. Saurav Ganguly at the Closing Function of NCYI 125th Anniversary

  • Closing Function of NCYI 125th Anniversary

  • Cultural show during Closing Function of NCYI 125th Anniversary

  • APAY South Asia Gender Justice and Social Transformation Workshop

Welcome to YMCA India

The YMCA Movement originally began in post-Industrial England of 19th century in London in the drapery establishment of M/s Hitchcock and Rodgers in which a young apprentice of 21, George Williams, took the initiative in organizing Bible classes in his bedroom in the nature of a mutual edification of the society which brought in a cohesive group of 12 of his co-workers from equal number of denominations of the christian church to form the Young Men’s Christian Association on June 6, 1844. The National Council of YMCAs of India was formed in Madras on February 21, 1891 through the initiative of David McConaughy. The headquarters shifted to Calcutta in May, 1902. In 1964 it shifted to New Delhi, its present location.

AGM of NCY Bangladesh

Mr. R.S. Shettian, Hony. Treasurer and Mrs. Kumari Kuriakose, Chairperson, National Women's Forum, Dr. Lebi Philip Mathew, National President and myself visited Bangladesh at the invitation of the Bangladesh President, Mr. Babu Markus Gomes and attended NCY of Bangladesh AGM on April 28, 2017 at Savar National Centre.  It was good to revisit the partnership agreement that we signed between the Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Indian YMCAs as we reiterated our resolve to continue the strategic partnership with renewed vigour.  There was also a big reception by YMCA Bangladesh and YMCA Saver in honour of our visit while, we got the opportunity to meet the Cardinal and Archbishop of Dhaka apart from paying a courtesy call on the Christian Credit Society of Dhaka.


Dr. Lebi Philip Mathew, National President, Mr. R.S. Shettian, Hony. Treasurer and myself, attended the 73rd Executive Committee Meeting of the World Alliance of YMCAs held during March 31-April 2, 2017 in Geneva. Dr. Lebi Philip Mathew, attended the meeting as proxy in the official capacity in place of Dr. Rolland Williams, Member, WAY Executive Committee.  The major decisions, taken among others, were Search Committee strategy for searching new Secretary-General, New Strategy 2018-22, Child Safety Policy, Elections Committee for World Council Elections in 2018 and approval for Policy Papers on Employment and Civic Engagement.  It was good experience for the Officers especially to know the procedures of conducting the Executive Committee Meeting of WAY.  It was also wonderful to visit World YMCA Headquarters at 12 Clos Belmont, Geneva, and get to know the functioning of the WAY apart from visits to World Christian Council, International Red Cross and the United Nations office.